YOU ARE BUYING A CUSTOMIZED .LIN FILE ONLY. Once downloaded you will just need to copy and paste it onto your computer or into the same folder as your existing acad.lin. This is a standard AutoCAD file and the method for using a custom linetype file. Instructions are included in the downloaded .lin file. You can also see the basic instructions to the right ---->
This is NOT an auto-installing program. You must use the file in the conventional AutoCAD manner. If you are not comfortable with this, please be aware you will need to complete this to use your new Line Types.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At we guarantee you will be satisfied with your new cad linetypes, if for whatever reason you are not. Please contact me here and I will do everything I can to fix your problems or customize the .lin/linetypes to your liking and get you drawing and designing as soon as possible:)
If you still feel the need to return a product, your request must be within 30 days of purchase.
Meanwhile, does reserve the right to refuse an unreasonable refund ie. unable to provide a valid reason for return. Ultimately it is up to the vendor of the product to grant the refund.
Therefore, you should explain what the problem is and the reason you want to refund in details, including your full order information. You have to uninstall all downloaded files and the refunded products can’t be copied or saved in any other way after refunding. Your order information will be deleted from our database.
  • -Over 50 unique AutoCAD Linetypes for all types of projects

  • -Easy to use and set up in minutes

  • -Hours of Drafting Time already done to Get You Designing Quicker

  • -Annoying repetitive tasks out of the way

  • -By using a customized .lin for your drawings you are able to streamline and keep consistency throughout your projects as well as providing uniqueness to your clients

  • -The Time saved by using pre-made line types alone is worth $100's of dollars in drafting time.

  • -I've included everything you need to start creating professional quality drawings a at price any serious drafter can't afford to pass up.

  • -To make this many linetypes could take hours, costing you valuable time that could be better used working on chargable projects. Why throw money away when you can Buy an already customized linetype file (.lin) for less than the cost of an hour of drafting time?

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Quick Start – Install and use your .lin

1. To use your new linetypes simply extract the downloaded .zip file to your Computer.

2. In autocad bring up the options menu (typically type 'options' then enter) and select the files tab. Now click the + next to "Support File Search Path". Next, click the add button on the right followed by the Brownse button. Now just browse to the folder you extracted your .zip file to.

3. To Load your new linetypes, type in "linetype" and hit enter. In the linetype manager click the 'Load' button and browse to the .lin file in the folder you extracted. After selecting it you will be prompted to choose the linetypes you would like to bring into your drawing.

And thats it! Happy Drafting!

Need Help or any Questions?

If you have any questions or need any help with our linetype file or download please don't hesitate to ask!

Just Contact me here and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

More Info:

When you have made your purchase, you will be directed to the download page where you can easily and quickly download your new Line Types instantly. PLEASE WAIT TO BE REDIRECTED:)
You will also get an automated email advising you how to download the line type file (.lin) if you do not get the redirected.
PLEASE USE YOUR REAL AND CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS to avoid issues and make sure to check your spam if you do not receive your email.

Thank You!